Draw flowers or spring scenery with recycled materials.

Coffee capsules, packaging caps, magazine clippings, wrapping paper. Everything can be used to challenge the creativity of the little ones.

After finishing create an “Art Gallery” at home and share the final result with us!


The children of Vera Madureira, Marketing Technician at S.Hotels Collection, do not spend an Easter without doing the Egg Hunt.

She hides chocolate eggs or other treats that they have at home in a room. Then let her children search and find everything she has hidden.

In the end, in order to avoid fights, Vera divides the eggs into two equal mounds so no one is sad!


Because dreaming helps us to keep moving forward we suggest making an individual wish list and discuss together what you would like to do when we are able to travel again.

Share the best photo of your Easter vacation at home, by email and get a surprise right away!


Take old magazines you have at home and create themed books with clippings (Letters, food, objects).

Why not create a diary / book ?!

Each day a new page with the continuation of the story. There are no limits to the imagination!


We were looking for original gifts ideas, made at home and gave us a precious help!


Set up a tent in your living room, have a picnic on the balcony, bring a little bit of nature indoor.

Fun will be guaranteed!

If you don’t have a tent, make one with sheets and chairs. Let your imagination run wild.