A Escola by The Artist

Surprising is the purpose of every meal prepared by Chef Hugo Dias and the students of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Porto, authentic Food Artists, who invest the knowledge and dedication in the preparation of delicacies that awaken the senses. Throughout the year, harmonises with different national wine houses in intimate wine dinners and, on Sunday at lunch, the products of the time are sovereign to join the Family and enjoy.
Where to start?


At lunch, from Monday to Saturday, the menu of the day gives the right tonality to a light meal. For dinner, surprising is the keyword for Chef and his students, authentic Food Artists, who mix ingredients like creativity, imagination and dedication into every taste experience. The artistic spirit that characterizes the concept, materializes in the absence of a fixed menu, giving rise to creative traits that surprising of singular form, working the flavors of the time in highlight, with more expression to Sunday, moment in which the Chef proposes a test with different seasonal ingredients.


The School makes a difference by the skillful way it elevates the customer’s choice to the creativity of the Chefs, counting on a young and dynamic team, passionate about the gastronomy and the art of creating and surprising their dinner in two proposals:


Sensory Test Level 1:
Tasting of 5 experiences in a complete meal, € 30 per person


Sensory Test Level 2:
Tasting of 7 experiences in a complete meal, at a higher level, € 40 per person


Art is done at once: the sketch begins when you arrive at the table, the surprise remains throughout the meal. The Chef creates, experiences are added and the Work is born.


A person who is calm and very attentive, two characteristics usually pointed out to Hugo Dias, Chef de cuisine of The Artist Porto Hotel & Bistro since January 2015. In the previous year he served as principal cook in the same space, having even helped in the construction of the innovative restaurant concept.

In addition to the operational management of the kitchen of the School and the creation of surprise recipes that characterize the restaurant of the Hotel-School, Hugo Dias also has as responsibility the training in real environment of the students of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Porto. “Teaching and learning with students is everyday life in The Artist. We have people of different ages and personal and professional backgrounds with whom we share knowledge and have evolved together in the art of cooking and well-being, “says Chef.


The search for excellence by future professionals
In the School, each Client is a trainer: the students of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Porto work, daily, to amaze like real professionals. They invest in technique as they test the theory, question satisfaction as they trace the sketch of a unique experience at every turn.


The decoration is simple: wooden tables that are colored with the palette of gastronomic experiences, dishes and slates in which ingredients are inscribed, the transparency of the glasses in which they prove notes of proof and a light of medium intensity, warm, temperate … designed to live with the art you see, smell, taste and feel.
The School is a space with a unique personality, where relaxation, elegance and creativity come together in a harmonious and inspiring combination.


Rua da Firmeza nr. 49, 4000-228 Porto Tel.:+351 220 132 700 Email: aescola@theartistporto.pt
Monday to Thursday - From 12:30 am to 10:30 pm
Friday,Saturday and Holiday Eve - From 12:30 am to 11:30 pm
Sunday - From 12:30 am to 2:30 pm